Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Artisan Boulangerie Co Great World City

Woohoo, the bread lover in me rejoices once again as another lovely French style bakery opens in town. First, there was Maison Keyser, then there was Tiong Bahru Bakery and Sophie Bakery, and now there is Artisan Boulangerie Co. Founder baker Chef Eran Mayer left Paris and arrived in Singapore with a dream to have each Singaporean household have a daily loaf of freshly-baked, preservative-free bread in their house. With many good reviews under its belt within a few weeks of opening, I can't wait to try this new kid on the block!

Arrived at the Great World City branch today with much anticipation and indeed found myself in front of a large array of baked goodies. There were tarts, croissants, brioches, chocolate bakes, many varieties of breads and even pretzels! There were a few samples of bread available and of course, the greedy me tried everything so I could then order something totally different. Ha Ha! The challah ($5.50) was mildly sweet but not as dense as I would like. The muesli bread was really good and while it's not a fluffy bread, the bite and crunch in the bread with all the good-for-your-body seeds and nuts were really addictive. Slightly expensive at $10 for a small loaf though. The olive bread was generously studded with whole olives however, I prefer Sophie's even chewier version. The raisin sourdough was really yummy too, with a good chewy to the crumb and a crunchy crust.

I wanted to order the cheese pretzel as memories of yummy pretzels in Germany still lingers in my mind (& mouth) but alas they ran out of it already. Went for my 2nd choice, their Raisin Vanilla Swirl bread. I think it's a laminated dough, with buttery, flaky turns,  studded with loads of moist raisins. It was served a teeny weeny bit warm; would have been much better if it could be more warmed up more as it was cold by the time I took the 2nd bite. Still, it was a delightful snack and the coffee from Toby Estate totally satisfied my yearning for a good coffee just the day before. Full-bodied, strong aroma and well-roasted comes to mind as I sipped in satisfaction.
In terms of the cafe ambiance, it is a modern, fuss free setting. Clean lines, comfy chairs and a few sofa seats filled the cafe. Service at the counter is fast and polite though not exceedingly warm. (I really like Sophie's staff who are smiling happily and chats with me about their breads all the time). Cleaning of the tables was a tad slow as well with 15 minutes gone and tables still not cleared despite the staff outnumbering the number of patrons on a Tues mid afternoon. Otherwise, nothing to complain about and definitely a place I would repeat if I'm in the area. (My vote still goes to Sophie for their bread though)

On a last note, the plain sourdough was my eventual choice for my take-home purchase as I love the texture of the bread and a plain one would be perfect to soak up a runny poached egg with a home-made lemon honey garlic sauce. Perfect dinner at home!

Artisan Boulangerie Co
#01-01, 118 Killiney Road 
Singapore 239555 
Ph: +65 6444 8130 
Open Daily from 8 am to 10 pm 

#01-23, Great World City 
Singapore 237994 
Ph: +65 6887 4062 
Open Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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