Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kooka Cafe at Purvis Street

Bacon, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche $9
After a whole week of stress from work and a morning of Pivot tables, I am so glad to lounge at this laid-back cafe with hearty food and a good cuppa!

Arriving around 1pm, Kooka Cafe was pleasantly quiet and exudes a rustic charm with wooden tables & chairs, plentiful jars of cookies lining the walls, abundance of fruits laid out and a wide range of cakes & pastries displayed. The lady owner was very patient as I asked for recommendations of her bakes, taking time to introduce each item, the key ingredients, resulting texture, level of sweetness and even the way it would be served. Very warm and makes you feel like you are just visiting a friend's place.

Having had fabulous barcook bread for breakfast already, I chose a quiche as opposed to my usual preference of sandwiches. Morever, I read that all the cakes and pastries are home-baked by the owner. How she can single-handedly bake everything is a  wonder, I usually take 3 hours to bake and frost ONE cake. Totally admire her determination and efforts!

The quiche arrived with a generous serve of salad with tiny bits of garlic and juicy cherry tomatoes. Quiche was fantastic, only slightly creamy, adequately bouncy with a hearty serve of spinach and and mushrooms! The crust was winning, flaky yet sufficiently crusty, it remained crispy and the buttery fragrance shone through delightfully.

The cuppaccino was pretty ordinary though. It's kind of light and maybe it was my request for skim milk that resulted in the foam being slightly less than fluffy. Or.. it could also be me having had Chye Seng Huat coffee before, so it's difficult to find a good match in most other cuppas!
Orange Almond Cake $6
Wooo, can't leave and live without a sweet ending, the owner's first recommendation was this Orange Almond cake. It's served warmed, with cream on the side and it's extremely moist! Indeed not overly sweet as per recommended, the orange shone through and you would not tire of the cake even bite after bite after bite... TWO thumbs up!

Overall, a very delightful find on a Saturday afternoon. I will definitely return for the good-looking sandwiches and that chunky banana pecan slice I spied in the chilled display.. or that little round dish of apple crumble!

Kooka Cafe
18 Purvis Street 

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