Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tiong Bahru Bakery Raffles City

Finally! I made my way to Tiong Bahru Bakery. So glad for their new outlet at Raffles City, which is rather large, bigger than a usual cafe would be. Despite the size, we still joined the long queue, thankfully it moved fast and we were allocated a table around 20 minutes later. The system is quite efficient - you get a table number, go to the counter, order and collect your food, pay and be seated. Drinks will be served to the table. Iced/Hot water, jam/butter, cutlery and serviettes are self-serviced, on a corner counter.

The croissant was yummy! It's not uber buttery and has a rather crisp top but I love the doughy interior, which is fluffy yet very substantial, satiating the bready queen that I am.
The lemon tart was pretty normal though. I like the candied citrus peel and I think it was sandwiched with a layer of almond paste though I couldn't be sure as the fragrance did not stand out. Neither was there a very lemony taste to it. The tart base was good though, crisp and sturdy. Not something I would repeat..

The Apple Crumble is recommended! The crumble on top added a buttery touch to the layers of thinly sliced apples over a flat biscuit base. Overall, a very delightful afternoon sweet treat however, it's a touch too sweet, would be better to share rather than devour one alone as it could wear out the palate.

Ordered by a friend, it's a salted caramel pastry according to the service staff. Didn't try this but it sure looks good!
Sigh... my purpose in visiting TBB was actually to try the much-acclaimed Squid Ink Burger! It was sold out when we arrived and only re-appeared when we were already stuffed. Well, this just means I've to revisit them soon again, which is not such a bad idea.

My only gripe is that the food is not served warmed. I asked for my croissant to be warmed though and the service staff happily obliged.

The crowd thins around 5-6pm, guess most people go for dinner or are waiting for dinner then so this is a good time to go to avoid the queue. Get your dinner fix from the fanciful range of burgers available. Totally worth a visit!

Tiong Bahru Bakery
Raffles City Shopping Centre
(next to Soup Spoon & Ben&Jerry's)

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