Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dulcet & Studio

Does the above explain my constant running yet expanding waistline?? The Japanese really knows their sweet tooth. I wish I could bake a mean chiffon cake like them. But guess.. that's why they are in business and I'm not. *dream dream dream*

Dulcet & Studio is under the Tampopo family, famous for their cream puffs and strawberry shortcakes. Not a fan of these 2 cakes, my choice was the C-cube!

I thought it was going to be a dense, cakey chocolate decadence kind of cake. Wow! I was pleasantly and thoroughly thrown off. It was the complete opposite, a light yet moist chiffon-style cake covered with a thin layer of chocolate glace. It was perfect as a afternoon delight.

Was wondering why the cake was leaning to the side initially but upon the first bite, we knew. The cake structure is very delicate due to the softness of the texture, check out the holey interior. I really could not stop digging into this creation.

Mont Blanc
Unwittingly, I've posted the cakes in the order of my favourites. This is another must-eat if I go back to this place. The chestnut strips are thick and so fragrant, the tart crust crisp and there's a layer of chestnut cream in the middle, 3 flavors all welding together in a complementary manner. Not overly sweet as well, this is one very satisfying dessert. 
Cheese Chiffon

This is another version of their chiffon cake, layers of cake flavored with cheese and sandwiched/covered with a cheesy whipped creamy frosting. Again, its texture is light as cotton and the cheese lends a creaminess to the cake. Nice but just.. nice. Not something for which I'll make a special trip. 

Situated at Liang Court, it is pretty empty whenever I passed by so it could be a good place to go for a quiet coffee. Decor is pretty simple, none of the cosy ambience nor random but interesting knick knacks signature of cafes these days. It may not be a fancy, girly place but the peace and easily availability of seats may warrant a afternoon trip if you want to avoid talking above the din of usual weekend tea-time noise. and. of course, the cakes are totally worth the visit!

Dulcet & Studio
117 River Valley Road
#01-41/42 Liang Court

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