Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Caffeine Sunday! Toby's Estate.

Toby's Estate is situated in a very scenic part of Singapore. With the clear blue sky on a lazy Sunday morning, large leafy trees framing the walkway and the (slightly dull yellow) river alongside, Toby's Estate has the perfect laid-back feel for a weekend breakfast.

My Cap (Cappuccino) was pretty strong, with the bold coffee aroma coming through quite nicely. I like. Both Toby and CSHH's coffee are commendable. Toby's a tad stronger than CSHH's version of espresso+milk though the latter is overall more fragrant.

The brioche was kind of forgettable, without the buttery sweetness that is signature of this bread. The ciabatta was crisp and good. However, the accompaniment to the toasts was disappointing. Jam taste like any other normal that you can buy off the shelves, marmalade was very watery, hardly even spoonable and maybe the vegemite is authentic but not to my taste.

The croissant (not pictured here) was good though. Even more layered than the one from Poulet, there were large holes in it, making it very flaky.

The eggs benedict and cinnamon rolls from neighbouring tables look good though. I might try that out next time!

Anyhow, go there for the coffee and the environment. It was a happy Sunday morning. =)

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