Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chocolate cupcakes with Mini Reese Cups

Do you have lots of chocolate left over from Christmas? And now that CNY is coming, I'm sure the stash of chocolate will just kept increasing! I need to finish my many little bags of chocolate, some of which are reaching almost 1 year in storage age. Out comes my favourite chocolate cupcake recipe again, this time with a milk chocolate buttercream frosting and with a whole mini Reese in the cupcake.  

The peanut butter chocolate added a sweet saltiness to the cupcake which was a pretty pleasant surprise to unknowing audience. I used milk chocolate as I thought the lighter colour of the frosting will go highlight the mini pink hearts better. The end result was that the overall frosting was a tad too sweet, compounded by hearts which are little bites of sugar on their own. So,  I probably should live with the darker colour of the dark chocolate frosting next time. 

On a side note, am super loving these rainbow cupcake liners. Colourful and cheerful, they make nice cupcake gifts to brighten any one's day!

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