Thursday, January 23, 2014

Espressolab - superb service!

I love going to cafes. It's not just the good coffees and mostly artisan bread but it's also for personable service staff and a cosy comfortable environment. Expressolab is one that fits all the criteria for me. The cosy arm chairs in various colours and magazines for browsing sets the scene, the coffee is pretty good by my standards and I love the sundried tomato bread that wraps my juicy roasted chicken with a lemon mayo sauce. Above all things, what appeals to me most from my experience at Expressolab is the superb service of the staff. Though it was a weekday, the staff offered me a choice of the weekend brunch if I wanted it since the cafe was not crowded at that time and they can do it for me. That was nice! I still chose a sandwich as I really wanted to try the sundried tomato bread. Since I don't eat bacon, they also offered me a choice from any of their meats available in replacement. That was nice again! When my friend came later, the cafe staff also offered the same choices and took the initiative to let her know that I've made changes in my choice of main and she can do so too. Nice!!

Though I must say my favourite sandwiches are still Sarnies and The Humble Loaf, I would visit Expressolab again for the cosy cafe feel and great friendliness. My only wish is that they could increase their selection of desserts. 

13 Bali Lane

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