Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fudgy Egg Yolk Brownie

 Do you make alot of frosting? I do that on quite a few occasions and my to-go recipe is always the Swiss-Meringue Buttercream from Sweetapolita. I use egg whites on a almost weekly basis and end up with plenty of egg yolks in the fridge. Therefore, I'm always scratching my head and googling for egg yolk recipes. There are a number of them online and Food and Family has a good list of egg yolk recipes, ranging from 1 to many many yolks needed. Went through this list many times, many are for sauces, creams, curds, ice creams etc, foods that are not often used in our mainly-Asian cooking households. Tried a couple of the cake recipes, sponge and pound cakes but found them a little dry for my liking.

Today is my brother's birthday. He doesn't want a cake.. that's the usual boy attitude, isn't it? So, I suggested ice cream instead. He wants strawberry but his kids, my nephews, like chocolate. My nieces love brownies. I have 5 egg yolks in the fridge. Brain Wave - googled for "Egg Yolk Brownies". Woo hoo! Found 1 very quickly, that asked for 10 egg yolks. Double yay! Now I know what to make next time when I've plenty of yolks. I've just have to go buy strawberry ice cream later to go with the yummy brownies!

Brownies are typically easy 1 bowl recipes. Easy to make, quick to bake, this recipe is no exception. I halved the recipe, stir everything up and used a loaf pan. My dad and brother also loves Kit Kat so I added a layer of these milk fingers in the middle of the thick batter. Baked them for 30 minutes and they are done in the middle but the top is not too crispy yet. Don't dare to bake it any longer as original recipe calls for 40 minutes in a 8 by 8 inch pan, and the last thing you want is an over-baked and dry brownie. I shall lower the temperature next time so I can bake it longer to achieve a more crisp top.

The bake turned out really wonderfully fudgy, with a almost-black almost-molten center. The top lack the crisp but the flavor of the brownie is great, not very sweet and screams of chocolate. The Kit Kat inside was a tad soggy, and kind of distracts attention from the brownie; will skip that next time.The kids love it though, yay!

Adapted Recipe (Source)
170g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
55ml heavy cream + 35ml  heavy cream
140g brown sugar
5 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
95g cake flour

Oven temp 180g

1. Melt dark chocolate and heavy cream together in a medium or large heat-resistant bowl over simmering water, not boiling. (Do not let water get into the chocolate mixture)
2. Stir the sugar in and let it cool to room temperature.
3. Stir in the yolks and vanilla essence, then the last 35ml heavy cream.
4. Fold in the cake flour. (It is a very thick batter)
5. Scoop half the batter into a lined loaf pan (or 8inch square pan if you double above recipe), line a layer of kit kat fingers and spread the remaining batter on top.
6. Bake for 30 minutes, turning the pan half way through the bake. It's done when the test stick comes out with a few moist crumbs.

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