Sunday, October 6, 2013

A brief peep into Sarnies, The Muffinry and Group Therapy

My list of to-go cafe list seems to be never ending, such that I don't even really update that list anymore. Cafes are sprouting out much faster than I can visit. It is with much delight then that I managed to pop into 3 of those on my list yesterday. THREE! My friends and I were indeed cafe hopping.

First was to Sarnies at 136 Telok Ayer Street. I've read many rave reviews about their sandwiches. Wow, it indeed did not disappoint. There were 3 of us, the 2 guys ordered the Smoked Salmon ($25.90) and Bacon and Egg ($15.90). Since I don't take bacon but wanted the sourdough and fried eggs of the bacon sandwich, the staff kindly changed the bacon to mushrooms. Double wow! The mushrooms were plump and juicy, seasoned perfectly. The eggs white were cooked through and the yolk slightly molten, coating the sandwich with a layer of creaminess as I sliced through the yolk. There is also a thin layer of a sweet and salty sauce beneath the mushrooms, complementing the whole sandwich as you bite into each crunchy mouthful!

The coffee were uber good too! I think it has just overtaken Habitat as my favourite cappuccino now. The aroma of the coffee was strong and dark, shining through the layers of creamy milk foam. At $5 a cup, I was really gonna order another one if not for the fact that we are going to another cafe afterwards. 

Service was prompt and food were served very quickly. My only peeve was that the weekend menu is different from the weekday menu and choices of sandwiches were limited and prices also seem to be on the high side as I read that their weekday sandwiches were mainly below $15. However, it was still very crowded for a quiet CBD corner in the weekends, surrounding shops were pretty empty if not altogether closed. The people of Singapore sure knows where to get a good sandwich! 

Next stop was The Muffinry on the same street. I've also read many rave reviews of their muffins from various bloggers. Oops, no pictures as we only each bought a muffin for take-away. I had the blueberry muffin with a sweet crumble topping. Their muffins are all priced at $2.80 and I see a selection of brownies and pies as well. There are also ready and wrapped sandwiches available in the chiller, not a very appetizing way of display; however guess the low prices (below $10) made up for the lack of display. 

With regards to the taste... well, it was filled with many plump blueberries and the crumble was a good accompaniment to the otherwise slightly bland and rather heavy cake. Guess I will remain a loyal ShunFu Road Market Choc & Spice muffin fan!

We then went in search of a 3rd cafe for another cuppa coffee. Proceeded to Duxton Hill where we first attempted but not able to get seated at Department of Caffeine (DOC). There was a queue waiting in line at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. Singaporeans sure know where to get a good cuppa too! We walked down the row of shophouses and went into Group Therapy which occupies a fairly large shop space on the 2nd floor. 

Ordered a round of Roasted Almond Latte. Hmm..after our fantastic coffee at Sarnies, this was sadly below par. Too sweet to start with , the coffee was also not well-detected, kind of lost in the almond flavor or perhaps that was the way it was meant to be. Both my companion and I did not like it too much. 

In terms of atmosphere, it was cosy and well-decorated. Friendly staff were also very considerate, and closed the window near us when the sun shone in, onto our table as the sun sets into the evening. However, the noise level was at all-time high, not a place to really chill out. You probably have to talk really loudly to make yourself heard to your meal companions. The food (spotted on other tables) look really yummy though! Probably have to repeat a trip to try their food! 

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