Friday, January 11, 2013

Robert Timms - Best Fries Forever

If anyone were to ask me for my favourite eating place in orchard or even, whole of SG, it would have to be the House of Robert Timms. With the recent burgeoning trend of self-proprietary cafes, each boasting their uniqueness in various areas, I've hardly ever repeated any that have been visited before. Each cafe usually gets a virtual tick mark next to it as a been-there, tried-that and get struck off my mind. However, 2 places linger in my mind (& stomach).. One is Wild Honey, the other is House of Robert Timms. I'm a uber bread lover so it's no surprise that the allure of these 2 places are the fantastic bread that I wish I can just keep eating, ignoring the carb-contents. Within these 2, I've been to WH only 2 times but to RT at least 5 times. So it's definitely crowned "Bread of my Heart". They have 2 outlets, one in Wheelock and one in Somerset area. I've always gone to the Wheelock outlet; encased in glass and large in size, it's a clean-cut, pleasant & modern environment plus its seems easy to get seats as they are usually not 100% full (though I usually make reservations).
I love their all-day brunch items. Above is a Turkey French toast. It was simply oozing with cheese and overflowing with an abundance of turkey ham slices. The cornbread is thick-cut, very very soft yet slightly chewy, studded with seeds and lightly coated with egg. The toasting gave a crunch to the bread and as you bite into it, mmmph, the "cruuunch" gave way to a sweet moist crumb then proceed to explode with flavor as the ham and cheese came together. Can you tell that I just love this?
Oooh note the title, it's actually one of the other reasons I simply cannot resist RT. It's the fries! The photo above do not do justice to the fries. RT fries comes in many forms, waffle-cut, straight (like above), in cheese etc.. My favourite is the waffle fries. A serving is $9 and comes in a tall wide vase, pretty and appetizing. They are crispy, crunchy and the soft potato center melts in your mouth thereafter. Yum! It's a must-order for any trip to RB.
Above is a multi-grained club sandwich that had bacon, which I changed to turkey ham (They have very good service and is accommodating!). 3 slices of again crunchy multi-grained toasted bread with egg, ham, roasted chicken, tomatoes and lettuce are served with a big heap of fries and a side salad. It's flavorful and satisfies as a very hearty yummy brunch!
  Being an Australian joint, they also boast fragrant coffees and I love that they use different latte art for each cup served at the table! The brews are somewhat lighter in flavor as compared to some cafe places such as Chye Seng Huat, but since the food is hearty and filling, I felt that the lighter brews go well together. Above left is the cappuccino and right is their piccolo latte which is great but since it's a small cup, I usually have to order a 2nd cup thereafter.
Oh, note that their servings are large. I could only finish half of their main courses usually since we will indulge in fries as a starter, have coffee by the side and leave some space for dessert at the end. On the left is brownie with marshmallow and choc chips as topping. It's not overly sweet but nothing to shout about. The brownie is kind of dense and cakey. It would have been better if served warmed rather than chilled.               
However, I've tried other desserts, pity I have not started blogging then and did not take any pictures. RB's sticky date pudding is one of the best I've ever had, even better than PS Cafe. The pudding is somewhat dense, very moist and drenched in a thick caramel sauce and served with vanilla bean ice cream. Oooh, it's dessert heaven for me!
Their chocolate lamington also surprised with a ganache/truffle filling in the center of the 4x4 square. At only $2.80 the last I tried, it's a simple yet happy end to any meal.
Now, I feel like making a trip to Robert Timms again!
Wheelock Place:
501 Orchard Road, #01-02/03, Singapore 238880
Tel: 6735 9201

Orchard Shopping Centre:
321 Orchard Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 238866
Tel: 6733 0609


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