Monday, January 6, 2014

Raw Cake Attempt #1 - Pineapple Coconut

Its my first attempt at making a raw cake. Once again, the inspiration was from 2 very fantastic cakes we had in Austria. They were smooth, creamy and absolutely delicious, in addition to being healthy (I assumed the health factor since it was supposed to be a vegan cafe).  That sparked my interest and start to reading and collecting of recipes. However, the procrastinator in me took 6 months before trying it out! Armed with lots of nuts, coconut in many forms and half a ripe pineapple, I took out my trusty Cusineart blender and went ahead.

The base crust was made with almond meal, desiccated coconut and dates mixed in a blender and pressed into the cake pan. The filling was a blend of soaked raw cashews, fresh coconut flesh and pineapple, with a little honey and just under 1/3 cup of coconut oil. After chilling in the fridge overnight, I added a bunch of mixed berries on top which runs as they defrost but nonetheless adding pretty streaks down the sides.

As for the taste, I'm afraid I will need to try a few more times before it gets more acceptance, even from myself! I could stomach approx. 3 bites. and my hubb helped with 2 slices. I like the crust but the smell of the coconut oil jumps out with each mouth of the filling. I supposed it could be an acquired taste but I've had 3 friends tried it and all do not take to the taste as well. I guess my next trial has to omit the coconut oil altogether.

Hmm.. now I wonder what do I do with the rest of the 1L coconut oil. It's expensive. Darn!

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