Monday, May 19, 2014

Symmetry - yummy truffle fries

If you have read about Symmetry, you would have read that their potato fries $14 (which are truffle fries)  are good. And that their portion is big; seems like most are not able to finish that. #1 - Valid. Fries are great. #2 - NA. 3 of us didn't just finish the fries. We ordered a second tub! That IS good evidence that their fries are pretty addictive. They are crispy on the outside and gives a great bite. A fan of crispy or soggy fries? I'm for crispy anytime and 90% of this tub is crunchy good. A sprinkle of cheese on top complemented the truffle scent but like most of those truffle fries I've ever tried, it's mainly the top layer that taste best. Thankfully, the crisp makes up for it in the rest of them. One of the only few I would recommend and believe me, I've tried many, most of which I would not repeat. Symmetry fries, I would love to have it everyday if I can!

Can't remember the name of this dish but it's a tortilla packed with generous slices of pork, creamy avocado and melted cheese. This is a tasty meal, crispy tortilla meets juicy pork. Lovely to share amongst friends.

Pork Cheeks Pasta $28 was a dish recommended by many as well. This was a delightful dish too, with the meat tear-away soft and a suitably savoury touch to the creamy pasta. 

We also had the braised beef pork cheeks $40+. No photos of that but it was a disappointing dish. With the hefty price tag, we were expecting more but a plate bearing 8 or so slices of thin beef pieces arrived. Sadly, the beef were also too tough. Not quite enjoyable. 

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