Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Humble Loaf - Simple and Tasty, one of the best!

The title kind of says it all. Simple & tasty, with very good bread which are chewy and crunchy. I like how they use few but generous doses of ingredients for each of their sandwiches. This means that you can fully taste the goodness of the main filling with the rest as complements to a fulfilling wholesome meal.

The humble loaf is situated in Katong Shopping Center, which as many bloggers have already described, a rather old building with many maid agencies. The shop is at basement 1, near the foodcourt stretch. There are many corners in the building, just look for the foodcourt and from there walk straight (back facing the foodcourt), along the left stretch of shops. Soon, you will smell a buttery freshly baked fragrance and just follow along. (BTW, the buttery smell is coming from the old-school bakery next door)

The shop is rather small, with 3 tables and a row of bar seats. We were lucky to get a table, with already 4 patrons in the house, ard 1pm. By 130pm, the shop was pretty full with another group of 4 and some single customers at the high seats. Menu is on a chalkboard on the wall with a good selection of sandwiches and drinks. There are some pretty interesting choices; my friend had the Shoyu coffee which the shop lady described as almost like a salted caramel coffee taste. It was indeed salty; kind of an acquired taste. Interesting but not something I would order again. My cappuccino was fine though, pretty normal.

As for the sandwiches which we came for, my friends had the Ham and Peach & Beef Pastrami. I order the herbed Mushroom. The portion is huge and very well worth their prices. Huge slabs of crunchy walnut bread enclosed the thick filling; mine had the mushrooms well roasted in what I think is a vinaigrette and herbs dressing, with the gruyere cheese melted nicely.


My friends finished off their sandwiches rather quickly too so I guess they must be good as well. They had only good comments for the sandwiches too! The not-so-humble eggs in the top picture was well-reviewed by many other bloggers. It's 2 eggs baked in a ramekin, topped with ham, olives and green onion. The overall taste was good; but it's kind of expensive at $6 for this portion size. You will probably still have to order something else to complete the meal.

We packed back a loaf of sundried tomato bread too. The fragrance that emits upon cutting into it was delightful and the crumb is chewy with a soft crust. It's $6.50 for a very large loaf, do buy home a loaf or 2; they are yummy.

Before you head home, drop by the old-school bakery next door where the buttery smell is from. They have really good apple and banana tarts. The uncle told us that they were rated as the top banana pie by Today just recently. It's $2.20 per slice. They are good but all 3 of us prefer the apple pie which as a melt in the mouth butter crust that complemented the apple & raisin filling very well.

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