Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Smitten Cafe @Robertson Quay

On a public holiday, we expected the popular stretch of cafes at Robertson Quay to be packed to the max. Thankfully, our destination, Smitten Cafe is pleasantly quiet though I'm not sure if that means good for us but weeeeell, not so good for the owners..

It's a cosy little place with 3-4 tables indoor and a larger number outside the shop but still under shade. Since we alreadg had lunch, we ordered only a cup of drip coffee. Coffee was not bad, with a strong aroma, but not particularly memorable. What stuck with me was that it was served with a delightfully pretty tray of sugars and milk. Gers just love fancy sweet looking accessories!
The beverage menu has a much wider selection than the food items and there's a range of cakes and cookies available in the chilled display.

Love the jars of iced water. Filled with orange slices in one and strawberry in the other, the light flavor and colourful trays attracted me to pour cups of water!
Some very interesting and complicated looking machines.

A thoughtful act by the owners - a good selection of magazines for customers to read as they chill out
Not exactly a place I would choose for lunch or dinner, but good to visit if you are within the area and everywhere else is crowded.

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