Friday, August 31, 2012

Woohoo my first 1000 pageviews! & Dinner at Poulet, Bugis+

Yay I hit the first 1000 pageviews! Most of them would be my own daily viewing I supposed... so in my very mathematically driven mind, it would be

4 months of blogging = 1000 pageviews
- my own daily views = 4 x 30
= 880 views over 4 months
= 220 views per month
= 7 views a day

oh man.. that doesn't sound very impressive, does it? Nevermind.. it's baby steps! Trying to increase my frequency of blogging and that would also mean..

+ more baking
+ more food reviews
more eating
less time for exercise
caloric input > energy spent
You get the idea.

Still.. I will try!

Most recent pig-out happened at the suddenly-crowded, got-acquired-by-Capitaland, BugisJunction-linked mall, Bugis+.

Poulet - a French casual dining chain
Located at Bugis+, #04-12
Opened Daily 10am to 10pm

Not to be confused with the common (mis)conception that french food is always expensive and small-portioned, Poulet offers hearty and delicious french cuisine at very affordable pricing. Each of our dishes were smackingly good and even with the large portions, we licked every single plate clean, surely leaving the cleaning of crockery an easy job! 

Poulet Roti (Half Portion $15.80, Full Portion $28.80)

Poulet basically means Chicken, and therefore the signature dish is also their namesake - Poulet Roti. Brined for a full day then slow-roasted in the rotisserie, it is served with a mushroom chardonnay sauce that added a light creaminess to the tenderness of the meat. Succulent mushrooms accompanied the dish; I just wished there were more baby spinach or couple bread rolls that I can soak in the yummy sauce.  

Iberico Pork Belly $15.80
Wow.. I'm never a fan of pork belly, usually thinking that its oily and hard. But this pretty much changed my preception of 三晨肉! There wasn't much traces of fat and the pork was very soft and tender. The mustard paired beautifully with the meat, emphasing the deep braised flavor of the sauce. As much as I'm normally non-porky, I may just order this as my main next time round! 

Oxtail de Bourguignon $15.80
It's oxtail pressure-cooked in red wine sauce, and served with a whole onion and soft soft soft carrot! The meat tears away easily from the bone, you can literally see strands of beef being pulled off. A hearty dish that reminds one of a mum's home-cooked dinner. It's actually going to be tough to decide between this or the pork belly the next time.

French Onion Soup $5.80
My companions liked the soup alot though not exactly to my taste. The onion flavor is deep, however there's a herb-y taste to it that kind of stood out. The croutons were very crisp though and goes very well with the soup.

Salad de Paris $9.80

The salad is a mix of garden greens, cranberries, roasted pine nuts, olives and supposedly avocado though I didn't see any, could be buried amongst the greens. It's not too bad, but forgettable, only necessary if you need some vegetables.

now... for the DESSERTS.
Banana Bread Pudding $6.80
Typical bread pudding are drenched or rather drowned in a milk-based custard/sauce which totally overpowers the flavor of the pudding. Here, the banana speaks for itself. The fragrance of the caramelised banana slices alongside the soft but sturdy, definitely not sodden, bread pudding had me in love, at first bite.  
Caramelised Apple in Puffy Tart $7.80
This is one of the most popular desserts, recommend to order right at the start of your meal to avoid disasppointment. The flaky tart is decadent! The apple slices are thick-cut, slightly softened and not overly sweet which allows you to taste the buttery aroma of the puffy tart base. A layer of almond paste embedding the apples added another dimension, a nuttiness. This is a dessert that will make you lust for it over and again. For sure.

You would think that 3 of us would be stuffed to the max by now... and indeed we are. We had the croissants take-away for brekkie the next day! It's not on the menu but you can ask for them, to be served plain, $2 each. The menu has 2 dishes with croissant, chicken with fig or egg mayo. We saw many tables ordering those for sharing but we were simply too full.

They are made from scratch by the restaurant. Toasted them slightly the next morning and had them as is. Wow. I love that it's slightly doughy, very flaky, and check out the pockets! The dough must have been lovingly folded time and again, filled with layers of butter rolled into it. Do bring them home.. pack one for each of your family members. They will kiss you for it!

Overall, great dishes with good service. The staff comes around frequently and the chef mingles with the guests alot. This is almost a very family-styled bistro type of feel. Be prepared to queue though or go very early. They do not take reservations currently, you can stand in queue and drool first.


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