Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sarnies Re-visited

3rd time at my favourite sandwich place. Was looking forward to their salads but alas, weekend menu doesn't include that. Fell back to my first time order of mushroom and egg ciabatta. It came with 2 eggs still with slightly molten yolks, generous serve of meaty mushrooms and a thin layer of tomato relish on toasted ciabatta. I love that I can ask for mushrooms instead of bacon, each time I went there, I customise my orders slightly and the good guys of Sarnies happily obliged. The mushrooms here are succulent and juicy, a little sourish, perhaps from a good dose of balsamic vinaigrette, yet sweet to the palette, as good as that at Humble Loaf or maybe just a tad better, in my opinion. The tomato relish added a different layer, tantalising to the tastebuds, just wished that it's a thicker layer. Huge in the portion, I did my usual finish half and doggy-bagged half. So while the price may be higher, the portion size justifies it. Not gonna be my last time there!

Friends had the below dishes. This is a Huge platter! Bacon, curried beans, sour dough, eggs, mushrooms, and a large sausage hidden under all those mushrooms. The male consumer of this couldn't finish it! Apparently overall a tad too salty for his liking though. I like the curried beans, fat and sweet/spicy at the same time. 

Such a pretty dish! Smoked salmon on sour dough toast with eggs. My fellow diner asked for the eggs to be fried instead of scrambled, omg came with 3 eggs and apparently already lesser by 1 as scrambled eggs portion would be 4 eggs. 4 Eggs! We would have usually consumed all 4 eggs unknowingly. Friend's comment that it is also too salty for her, and that the sourdough is dry, which I agreed as well. 

Can't leave Sarnies without their coffee, my 2nd top favourite (after Yahava, of course!).

A delicious lunch on a late Sat (best time to go would be 2plus as the crowd thinned out by then). Chill to the max! =)

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