Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sticky Date Cupcakes with high heel fondant toppers

Dec is a month of celebrations and eating. Thanks to support from many friends and through referrals, my baking orders are pretty packed this month. It's especially happy and uplifting when I get good feedback on my bakes being enjoyed. Love it that comments frequently mentioned are that the sweetness level is just right. My frequent reduction in sugar seems suitable for the local palette! 

Sent off a Sticky Date cupcakes order today, it's for a birthday and the lady who ordered it wanted high heel fondant tops. Ta da, here's my again-amateurish fondant toppers. I used fondant from Red man and mixed in a fair bit of modelling gum, made the toppers 1 day before to let it dry out. I wanted to keep the toppers hard and lightly adhere them to the cupcakes with a teeny bit of butterscotch sauce so that these fondant pieces can be lifted easily and discarded. I never approve of anyone eating these fondant; it's preserved sugar and loads of colouring only!

Yay, just got feedback that the birthday gal likes these cakes! *made my day!*

 Added a splash of glittery silven ribbon to glam them up a little!

 Love these quirky mini cards!

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