Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Handburger 313 Somerset

I love burgers. My hips do not. I love fries, especially fresh-cut and twice-fried. My thighs hate them. So.. though there're many burger joints in SG, I've been to few.. Everything with Fries, Veganburg are the couple few that I recall. Recently added The Handburger to my repertoire. 

Kimchi Chicken on Sundried Tomato Bread
Love the deep-fried chicken drenched in some very fragrant sauce, topped with a sunny side up that runs gooey over the burger and tangy kimchi as the icing on the cake! The chicken was crispy and there were 2 large pieces on the burger which keeps me n the hubby happily satisfied. The bun was soft but lacking in sundried tomato flavor though it could be due to the kimchi overpowering the burger. The side serving of shoestring fries were crunchy and when sprinkled with the coarse black pepper provided on each table, were more or less decent (though I prefer the fat fries that came with Veganburg).

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Burger on Spinach Bun
The hubby enjoyed this burger thoroughly. It certainly belies its simple looks. The huge portobello mushrooms were stuffed full with spinach and ricotta cheese. It lends a savory creaminess to this burger where many other joints tend to just do portobello with avocado. The spinach bun was uber fragrant, one of the best buns I've tried and pairs very well with this choice of filling.

Service was lacklustre though, it seems understaffed. .. we arrived 7pm and had no problems with seating but the crowd was pretty heavy around 8pm with people forming queues outside. Pricing was around $14-$15 for above burgers and came with a side serve of salad or fries (can't remember if they offer any other sides). Service taxes apply so 2 of us came up to around $33 in total bill. Though not bad and may warrant another visit if friends so suggest, my opinion is that Everything with Fries at Orchard Central may satisfy just as well at half this price.

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