Saturday, April 21, 2012

4.5 months on..

I drafted a whole list of things that I'd like to do when I move to Malaysia to start my 6-months stint. Hah! I was either too ambitious or I am too lazy.

My list:
Share our wedding photos with our friends
Upload our Europe photos onto FB
Start a Blog
Increase my frequency of workouts
Cook a daily portion of veggies for dinner
Try out new baking recipes in individual serving portion

Guess how many I end up doing?? I think only 1..

So... 4.5 months later, I finally started THE BLOG. which.. I hope will survive when I return to SG. Not a good writer and too lazy to think/write too much anyway, the objective (every project must start with an objective right???) of this blog is just to capture my baking trials and errors so my forgetful self can refer easily. Currently, the notes are just sitting in a notebook, a file, several plastic folders and random note-to-selfs on FB.

So.. to commemorate my first post, I will capture my first baking lesson ever attended.. in the next post.

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